My questions on SABBATH DAY celebrations in Canada


Well this would have been a much more salubrious week end. In any case spring is well in hand and summer is at the doorstep.We are fortunate in this region of Canada, to have clean air, water and for the most part clear consciences. Welcome back, L.A. and best wishes to you and yours this lovely Sabbath Day.G-D bless you. In His wisdom he sent the wishes and others of that ilk to teach us right from wrong. And I see that he is struggling with the lesson.

I guess my remaining question on this issue is this: if the leading politicians were lobbying Conservative officials in his wife’s parliamentary office (illegally) why did those officials not report that to their superiors at the time, instead of waiting for the media to discover it.Perhaps it’s just one more flaw in G-D’s plan, which I am quite certain will be corrected eventually.In the meantime, Minister has been chastised and our navy has been rescued. All’s well on the Western Front.