My Classmate Does Horse Racing

I went with a few friends to watch some race horses put on a show one day as part of a local carnival. The event was to raise money for the school. While watching the horses, we saw one of our classmates riding on it. We didn’t know that she rode horses, but she was pretty good at it. She was able to go at fast speeds and jump around like it was nothing. After the show was over, we went up to her and asked her how long she had been riding. She told us that she had been doing it for a long time, since her early childhood days.

I became interested in riding on that day, and now I’m training to race my own horse. The same classmate that I saw at the show is my trainer. She’s a little strict with me, but fair. (more…)

My questions on SABBATH DAY celebrations in Canada


Well this would have been a much more salubrious week end. In any case spring is well in hand and summer is at the doorstep.We are fortunate in this region of Canada, to have clean air, water and for the most part clear consciences. Welcome back, L.A. and best wishes to you and yours this lovely Sabbath Day.G-D bless you. In His wisdom he sent the wishes and others of that ilk to teach us right from wrong. And I see that he is struggling with the lesson.

I guess my remaining question on this issue is this: if the leading politicians were lobbying Conservative officials in his wife’s parliamentary office (illegally) why did those officials not report that to their superiors at the time, instead of waiting for the media to discover it.Perhaps it’s just one more flaw in G-D’s plan, which I am quite certain will be corrected eventually.In the meantime, Minister has been chastised and our navy has been rescued. All’s well on the Western Front.


What it’s Like To DJ A Wedding


Recently, I attended one of my close friend’s wedding ceremony, as the couple were from a different cultural backgrounds, each had their own traditional way of conducting the wedding. Even though theirs was a love marriage, in order to respect their elders interests they decided to have their wedding in a traditional way such that the groom’s traditions were carried out first, followed by the bride’s and in this way the entire wedding turned out to be a multi-cultural one.

The multicultural aspect of the wedding was the most highlighting one amongst the entire set of wedding events as it had an impact on everything right from the various holy rituals performed to wide varieties of food items in the buffet to wearing of different ethnic costumes by the members of the family. However, the most enjoyed event where multi-cultural interests got most welcomed was the DJ event in the wedding party, in which the DJ played popular and hit the dance floor kind of songs which made everyone in the wedding to dance together and people were on their toes enjoying the DJ’s music. This made me and my friends to get to know what it’s like to DJ a wedding and it was then we all decided to have a DJ event for each of our wedding.


Turning a Gift Horse into a Race Horse

My uncle who owns a horse ranch gave me a horse for my 21st birthday. Most people give people my age a car if they want to give something expensive. I got something that uses horse power, but it wasn’t quite what I expected. I wasn’t prepared to take care of a horse, and I really didn’t know what to do with one. My uncle suggested that I should try putting the horse through racehorse training so it can be a professional racer. He believed that with enough work, the horse could make it to some of the big horse races and win.

My uncle and I took the horse to a local facility that trains horses to race. The horses go through a rigorous process of speed building and jumping to make them faster and build up the strength in their leg muscles. (more…)