It is not the nine year old girl who signs the checks obviously, that is her father and he is some sort of banker in Charlotte. They have all sorts of big banks in the big skyscrapers downtown and there are a lot of them who are pretty rich. This one has one kid who is treated like a little princess, she has a beautiful little horse and she has the riding pants and one of those equestrian riding jackets along with a funny hat. I have no clue what they call it. At any rate she goes around on shows every weekend, but neither of her parents is willing to drive the rig that she used to transport her horse. In fact I have not ever seen this sort of truck, which is a cross between a camper and a horse trailer. Of course you have a place for the horse’s owner to sleep and you have a place for the horse and then you have compartments where you keep the tack, saddles and bridles and so forth.

In fact this is all very expensive and time consuming stuff. You have a lot of moving parts in the competition. Obviously you have to do the routine and do it exactly, I mean these people are ridiculously picky about all sorts of trivial details. Then on top of that you need to look great doing, both you and the horse have to be tricked out just right. You spend all sorts of time combing the horse’s mane and braiding ribbons in it. I know all about this stuff, I have been around horses all of my life. Of course in fact I did not spend so much time making horses beautiful, but when you go to a horse show you do this too.