I just went camping with a bunch of my buddies. Of course we were drinking beer and acting a little crazy. About three in the morning I woke up and I realized that Jack was missing. I could hear him shouting out in the distance. For some reason he had gotten out of the tent and some way or another he had gotten lost. I had a tactical flashlight and so I went out and started to use it as a strobe light. I yelled at this drunk idiot and tried to get his attention. Of course you could see this strobe from a long way off and eventually Jack started to walk back towards us.
We could hear him from a long way off and it sounded like there was a dozen drunken idiots were out there. At one point we heard him cursing and falling down. If not for the flashlight he probably would still be out there in the woods. It was a good thing that we had a first aid kit in my pick up truck since he was pretty beat up when he got back.

Jack finally got back in the camp and we realized that he had stayed up and killed off about ten more beers after we had gone to sleep. He was all bruised and cut up and he claimed that he had been chasing a deer. It was so dumb that we believed it and of course there are deer all over the place. When we woke up the next morning we saw a huge flock of wild turkeys leaving their roost in this huge oak tree. They started to stroll across the field that we were camped in, but they eventually saw us and they took off in the opposite direction.