I went with a few friends to watch some race horses put on a show one day as part of a local carnival. The event was to raise money for the school. While watching the horses, we saw one of our classmates riding on it. We didn’t know that she rode horses, but she was pretty good at it. She was able to go at fast speeds and jump around like it was nothing. After the show was over, we went up to her and asked her how long she had been riding. She told us that she had been doing it for a long time, since her early childhood days.

I became interested in riding on that day, and now I’m training to race my own horse. The same classmate that I saw at the show is my trainer. She’s a little strict with me, but fair. The treats my horse as if its one of her own children, rubbing it and telling it all kinds of kind words. It’s kind of funny to see her act this way with the horses, but at the same time it makes me see her in a different light than how I normally see her at school.

I picked up on the basics of racing pretty quickly, and decided to have a race with my trainer. She was able to speed past me in the blink of an eye, signifying that I wasn’t ready to race on her level yet. I was a little depressed by my defeat, but she told me not to give up, because she saw great potential in me. I don’t know if she was just telling me that or if she actually believed it, but I decided not to give up. I’ll keep working until I can win against her.