Finding all the latest all kinds of information in just one place


I was just searching the internet for latest updates and news on various topics such as business, entertainment, sports, music, world’s latest happenings, technology, general awareness, astrology, even spirituality, religion and as such. Since there were too many sites on these topics, I wanted to find them all in just one place. I was even looking for a website where I can find all the news right from happenings in USA, Europe, Middle east, Asia pacific, Oceania and across the globe.

I wanted a site that would spoonfeed information and news on demand of its subscribers and also where I can watch tv online and also play games online. I got few sites as soon as made a search in the internet for latest news and magazine sites that would spoonfeed latest information and the information would be reliable. And also the design should be good enough that I should be able to read the news and understand the content easily and the english and readability should be simple without any complexity. I have an interest for love ideas and dating and I want those information too.