New Surveillance Cameras Catch the Vandals at Our Lake House

We have a nice cottage that is surrounded by tall oaks and pines next to a large lake. The view is spectacular. The lake house has all of the public utilities, and is one of the few places in this remote area that does. We do not visit the place for many weeks at a time and had to purchase HIKVISION CCTV kits to secure it. The cottage became the target of thieves and vandals. We knew that it had to be the same people breaking things, spray painting the wall and stealing stuff left outside. When they actually broke into the cottage, we decided to add video surveillance.

We chose from the HIKVISION CCTV kits that have IP cameras that connect to the Internet. We have motion-sensing cameras installed that alert us when someone is on the property. We used the CCTV camera out back to zoom in on the dock to see teenagers taking a rowboat we left out of the water on the dock. They put it in the water and went out on the lake. That was not too bad. However, they spray painted things on it when they got back. We had our vandals and thieves, especially when other cameras caught them breaking a window and stealing some small items left outside.

We turned the surveillance footage over to the local police. We were far away when it happened, so we gave them access to the surveillance archives that hold the security camera footage. It all sounds high-tech, and it is, but the process is really simple for even amateurs to use. The police were able to recognize them as the children of another lake house owner about a mile away. The parents said they had no idea their boys were up to such things when they visited the lake. Now they know, and our incidents at the cottage have stopped. The vandals were escalating their behavior, so the surveillance cameras saved us money.