Finding the Perfect Flat in Edinburgh

I knew that I was going to have to get a flatmate if I wanted to be able to live closer to school. I was traveling nearly 70 minutes one way, and the commute was just really dragging me down. I knew that if I moved closer, I would be able to walk to my classes, but I had to make sure that I could find affordable Edinburgh student accommodation before I got too excited. I knew that it would be more expensive living right in Edinburgh, which is why I decided to have flatmates for the first time in my life.

I figured giving up over two hours of commute time was worth having a few others live with me. I knew that if they were anything like me, their noses would be in their books when they are at home, which might not be that often between classes and work. I was able to find a site where I was able to look at different flats that are perfect for someone like me. I didn’t even have to find my own flatmates, which was another concern of mine. Since the housing is for post graduate students, I knew that studying rather than partying would be the priority for the others too.

Looking at the private room I would have, I knew it was perfect. While it is not extremely large, it does have everything I would need. The kitchen and other areas are for everyone, and anything I would need is there, including laundry facilities. My bedroom has a bed, comfortable seating, a desk, a nice sized wardrobe, and a nice view. I get Wi-Fi too, which was my other concern. I knew I was making the right decision, and it is so nice to have that commute time to study and rest now!