How to Style Real Fur Gilets

Fur gilets are a stylish and functional addition to your winter wardrobe. Not only are real fur gilets soft and warm, but they also make an exciting fashion statement. One of the best ways to stay warm in the winter is by layering, and these fur pieces are easy to throw on over a long or short-sleeved shirt, dress, or blouse. You can easily remove the gilet should you get too warm.

One of the great things about gilets is their inherent versatility. A gilet looks just as great with a pair of jeans and boots as it does with leggings and loafers. There are many ways to style the same gilet for maximum impact in your wardrobe. The possibilities are unlimited.

Add a belt around your gilet for some sparkle and accessorise your look. Wear the gilet unzipped or buttoned up to vary things. A floppy hat creates polish and looks great with a gilet.

Real fur gilets last a lifetime and feel so soft to the touch. Their versatile colours blend with your look and complement your wardrobe effortlessly.

You may be concerned that the fullness of a gilet will not be flattering. The trick to subvert this is to combine the gilet with a lean look on the bottom. So, a pair of slim leggings or straight-fit jeans will balance out your look so it’s not too overwhelming.

When you choose a gilet with a dress, select a dress that’s knee-length or near that and ensure it has a straight skirt and not too flowy. This creates a long, lean line that is flattering and beautiful.

Gilets come in different lengths and sizes. A shorter version may look better if you’re petite, but if you’re tall, you can carry off a longer design. Pick the size that’s right for you so it fits your body properly and effortlessly becomes part of your look.

Do you think a real fur gilet is too fancy to pair with everyday clothes? Think again! The fun of using one of these vests is to create a signature stylish look that’s all your own. You can dress it up or down, depending on what you pair it with. Add jeans and you have a casual, fun look.

Or, put it with trousers or a skirt and suddenly your vest becomes an upscale accessory ready for cocktail hour and drinks! It all depends on how you style it, and accessories are a must. Try for a long statement necklace that won’t get lost in the gilet, or skip the necklace and focus on your earrings.

Don’t forget great shoes!

For very cold days, your real fur gilet is the last step in the layering process. Underneath, add a long or short-sleeved tee, a fitted flannel, and a pair of sleek, form-fitting jeans.

For club night, try a rock shirt with distressed jeans and your gilet. You’ll look like someone famous for sure! If the weather is right, showing your arms with your gilet can be great! You don’t have to wait for cold weather to rock this year-round accessory.

A gilet can add the right touch of glamour to any day or night look. Plus, it’s so soft and cosy you won’t be able to keep your hands off of it. You’ll love how it feels and how it looks on you. Fur is timeless and never goes out of style!